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Lord Helspont by Forgeflame

I don't really remember how this micro idea got added to my list of pending creations. Nonetheless I modified a template for it and for some reason or another its been languishing deep in the recesses of my digital workshop. Well I finally sat down and went to work on it recently; the bodysuit was drawn within hours followed by the golden armor. Next day the cape was composed and on the following day the texture was applied to it. Now we come to the face; still generic at this point so I color it in shades of a pale blue. Two days later I settle into making the corona of flames and I make eight patterns from the background I had made for my old website idea. On the day after that I compose frames for a preliminary animation test to see if the fire flickers well. Success! The corona moves as it was designed to and I move to the next phase the following morning. The fireball was acquired from my collection of animated GIF's; recolored to match the corona and resized to fit the scale of the hand. Now for the last part of the face; a pitch plack Acuran skull(for those not familiar with the series Helspont chose an alien body to inhabit because of the powers it would give him). A second test of the animation is done and all of the effects so far work perfectly. Lastly one final fire effect is added to the orifice on his chest; a final check of the animation and presto you get this fine addition to the WildC.A.T.S. -----Lord Helspont leader of the daemonite Cabal!!
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Reference picture and the micro by moi; this is the second micro conceived of this comic character. Barney has the honor of being the creator of the first (recently added to his page) and its just as good as this one. I have a static copy of mine and its available upon request for those that don't like animated micros on the collection page of their websites. Enjoy my latest offering and for those of a mind to critique my work i've already noticed the problem with the fireball and will attend to it later.
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Aaaaagh! ................You're killin me here!
What do I need to fix before you comment on it?
You're either very busy at work or the micro sucks in which case I will build a new one later.